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Djwhal Khul




His teacher was Master Kuthumi

The Masters of Wisdom are the great beings, although as we, They have traveled a little farther to a greater measure of light. Among Them are Those who have chosen service in our planetary Hierarchy, or Spiritual Government. They guide our planet through its own miraculous evolution with Their love, wisdom, and compassion.

Among these great Ones, is the Master Djwhal Khul, also known as the Tibetan, or to His students simply as the Master D.K.. He is one of the better known Masters, having worked through numerous channels, notably Madam H. P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Through Madam Blavatsky (late 1800's) His powerful work "The Secret Doctrine," revolutionized spiritual thought of the day introducing to the world at large ageless wisdom teachings. While still living and teaching in Tibet, He continued His channelled materials to the West through Alice Bailey during the first half of the 20th century, creating an impressive body of spiritual resource material which is still available to seekers today.

He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the rays and planetary Hierarchies of the solar system than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters.   He works with those who heal, with all who definitely aim at the healing and solacing of the world.

Previous Incarnations:

He led several notable lives recorded in our history books. Confucius was an aspect of Him, as well as Lao Tsu, the father of Taoism. In the Biblical story, He was Casper, one of the three Wise men searching for the baby Jesus. In 1875 he took the fifth Initiation, and could have ascended, yet He continued to stay in physical existence through the first half of the 20th century.

He is a Second Ray Master, Who along with the Lord Maitreya, work in the second Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He works closely with His dear friend, the Master Kuthumi, also known as the Master K.H. With Maitreya as the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the World Teacher, and Kuthumi working toward His later descent as an avatar in the next age after this, D.K. has assumed a greater role in this department. He works with two young masters who together carry out the tasks required of this second department.

Djwhal Khul is an Ascended Master who channels through a variety of mediums for the purpose of assisting Humanity, World Servers, Teachers, and Healers. DK, also known as the Tibetan, previously channelled many books through Alice A. Bailey. He also had previous incarnations as Casper, one of the three Wise Men at the birth of Jesus and as Confucius.

Currently D.K. is involved in assisting the re-education of humanity by connecting students with their Spiritual Teachers on the Inner Planes, training channels, clearing subconscious patterns, and promoting personal and planetary spiritual development. He also inspires the writing of screenplays, and other creative arts.

Djwhal Khul is a compassionate, non-discriminating, non-judgmental, and loving teacher who promotes love/wisdom and discernment in all facets of life.

Shortly after leaving the physical plane in the late 1800's Djwhal Khul began working with El Morya, Kuthumi, and St. Germain to assist them in the research of Helene Blatvatsky.

In the 1900's he achieved his sixth Initiation and ascended. He can materialize, dematerialize and bilocate.


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